Carmel Christian Church series focuses on loving those with different beliefs


By Mark Ambrogi

Carmel Christian Church pastors Jerry and Diane Zehr are firm believers in a loving God.

The couple will hold an Energy of Love seven-week series starting Sept. 11 during the 10:30 a.m. service at the Disciples of Christ Church, 463 East Main St.

Rev. Diane Zehr and Rev. Jerry Zehr. (Submitted photo)

Rev. Diane Zehr and Rev. Jerry Zehr. (Submitted photo)

“What I’m trying to focus on is the energy of love and the positive, affirming teachings of Jesus,” Jerry said. “Where some churches have gotten into a judgmental, exclusive mindset and our world seems to be doing that with the politics and everything — who’s included and who’s not.”

Zehr said the message is about loving people of all sexual orientations and different faiths.

“That’s not something all the churches teach,” Zehr said. “We want to give a message of an affirmation of God’s love and the church should be open and accepting of everyone.”

Zehr said his church has a small congregation of approximately 125 people. All are welcome to the series.

“We are trying to reach out to people that maybe have turned away from the church or had a bad experience at a church or felt they weren’t welcome,” Jerry said. “We want to bring a message which I think are at the core of the teachings of Jesus that are loving and welcoming. Some people feel there are some churches where the ministers believe that if you are Muslim or Jewish, you’re going to go to hell and that we need to try to convert them. I think to really build a world of peace and harmony, we have to learn how we can love one another and welcome each other.”

Jerry and Diane will either hold a dialogue or conduct sermons separately, he said. For more, visit

Sermon series

  • Sept. 11: Loving the Environment
  • Sept. 18: Loving the Bible
  • Sept. 25: Loving People of Different Sexual Orientations
  • Oct. 2: Loving Beyond Heaven and Hell
  • Oct. 9: Loving the Imperfect People in Our Families
  • Oct. 16: Loving the Questions and Doubts of our Faith
  • Oct. 23: Loving People of Different Religious Backgrounds

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