Column: The elves of summer


Commentary by Jim Serger 

Summer is at its conclusion — not forgetting, though, the elves that made this summer more enjoyable.

The lifeguard: Who paced back and forth, who perched and looked over our young as if their own. Savoring the aqua experience and making sure we followed the rules.

The caddy: Being with extra leg muscles, the keen eye for distance and who recommends we use an iron instead of the driver. Yet, they can’t even vote, but we listen to them as if they were John Adams.

The street cleaner: Up and at them, so that all my clippings that I blew around the street, the sediment build-up, are removed, so when we do get rain the water flows through, instead of around. My curb appeal is that much enhanced.

The umpire: Yes, the young lad who called a strike when it should’ve been a ball, the individual who sped the game up instead of dragging it out. The one who did back-to-back-to-back games, enjoying the Capri-Sun and dill pickle sunflower seeds between games.

The butcher: The backyard genius, the hotdog and burger authority. The one making sure our BBQ’s are that much tastier. The beacon that sheds light on our grills, making grilling for dummies that much simpler.

The bike shop: The clip-in experts, the road experts, the hydration experts and of course the experts who made our Tour-The-Carmel that much safer, marking the streets for safer passage, guiding us on Cliff bars and aerodynamics.

The librarian: The summer reading challenge was lengthy. They set the bar high. New motives to read more—turning little worms into bookworms, explaining with clarity, with tired eyes and reading glasses on.

The teenage waiter: The tip that got their oil changed, the hustle of running around with a tray full of food and drink; the ones who refilled our pop six times in one sitting, all with a stained apron, knowing this vocation will get them tickets to the big concert, a plane ticket or more conservative save-for-their-near-future buying experience.

To Camp Kikiwaka:  Yes, this may be fictional. But to the camp leaders, trail experts, star gazing authorities, the granola and H2O experts. Poison-ivy, poison-oak was too minimum.

The __________: Fill yours in.

Santa gets all the credit, but it’s the elves that make the celebration that much more enhanced.

So this Labor Day weekend, thank an elf.

Tip a little bit more, recognize their efforts, hand them a bottle of water and give recognition to the ones who worked and strived to give us a happy, healthy and safe summer.  Say thanks over the intercom. Say thanks in a gift card. Post a letter to the editor in the local paper telling them thank you. It goes a long way, knowing people are given a pat-on-the-back.

Jim Serger is a Carmel resident, author of three books and operations manager at Indianapolis International Airport.