Letter: Thanks for telling our story



Mary and I wanted to reach out to you and thank you and your staff for the great article that Current ran regarding our recent move to Bellisimo Salon/Spa. We feel Mark (Ambrogi) did a super job in conveying our story to our existing clients here in Carmel, as well as anyone who might be learning about us for the first time! The fact that Amy (Pauszek) brought our move to the attention of the publication, and her contribution of a very inviting photograph of us, is also greatly appreciated by both Mary and myself.

Considering the tremendous sadness brought about by the closing of our beloved namesake salon in Clay Terrace in July 2014, plus the painful misconception that we had retired, or tired of what we had passionately done for many years, Current’s article has provided so very many of our Carmel clients with the valuable information that we are still doing what we have always loved to do – provide our clients with valuable goods and services that truly can make a difference in their lives!

To date, we have already had several responses brought about by the article and feel that many more will follow in the days to come. This occurrence is priceless to us, and we truly credit the above mentioned resources as to why we have been given this tremendous gift. In closing, thanks you so much!

David and Mary Miller