A Sewing Studio teaches kids art of needle and thread


By Anna Skinner

Valerie Salmon believes sewing is still a necessary skill that kids need to learn.

Valerie Salmon teaches children to sew. (Submitted photo)

Valerie Salmon teaches children to sew. (Submitted photo)

So, she began teaching sewing classes for kids out of her Village of West Clay home, and she moved into a commercial space this year.

“It’s a sewing school for kids,” Salmon said of her business, A Sewing Studio, 12775 Horseferry Rd. Suite 140. “Basically, schools don’t have Home Ec like they used to when I was in school, and that was one of my favorite classes. No one is teaching kids how to sew these days, so that’s how I got started. I have my own daughter, and I realized there was a need for it.”

Salmon said since expanding to the commercial space, still in the Village of West Clay, she has had more opportunity for growth.

“I think it’s making a comeback, even adults are interested in learning how to sew. A lot of the moms really want their children to learn,” she said. “It’s a life skill, and lots of these kids are growing up not even knowing how to sew a button. It’s great if they can put together a clothing item. It’s something they’ll know the rest of their life. Instead of video games or watching TV, the kids are actually learning something, being productive and learning to create something by hand and being proud of it.”

Usually, kids use sewing machines in Salmon’s classes, but she teaches them how to hand-sew as well.

“They’re just hooked. They love it,” she said. “The beginners have never used the sewing machine. They end up signing up for an entire school year. Some students I’ve had with me for years.”

Salmon’s classes are geared toward kids ages 7 to 16. For more, visit asewingstudio.com.