Letter: Bring back candy for a better parade




When asked about Carmel’s Fourth of July parade that I attended, I found myself answering, “boring.” There were large gaps between each float, and as Carmel High School band went by, they were not performing. Not until Fishers High School band came along was there music. It was a quiet and very low-key parade.

But, in further thinking about why this year’s parade was just “so so,” I realized what was missing. Candy. And children’s laughter and the parade participants mingling with the children and their parents. It is just pure fun watching the kids gathering their loot, and they have so much fun doing so.

No child has gotten hurt in the parade because of candy being thrown and “taking an eye out,” and no child has gotten hurt because of getting mowed down by a float going 4 mph. Bring back the fun, the energy and the joy in the children’s faces. Bring back the candy to the Fourth of July parade!

Linda Lang