Opinion: It’s just politics


Commentary by Jon Quick

I am frustrated with politics in general.  So are millions of other Americans.  Perhaps it explains why Donald Trump could end up being our next president, a thought that not long ago seemed preposterous.

What is sadly bizarre is how politicians often shift their views to fit an agenda.

Not long ago, Bernie Sanders was angrily shaking his fist and crucifying Hillary for some of her stances on issues.   And vice versa.   Now they are hugging each other in solidarity.

On the other side of the aisle, Chris Christy campaigned against the unorthodox style and campaign promises made by Trump.   Recently, he was almost begging Trump to select him as his VP candidate.

Then there is Gov. Pence who I dearly treasure as a friend, a great family man and a decent human being – politics aside.  However, he now has quickly shifted some of his views and values that were once contrary to Donald’s so that he would be a better fit on the GOP ticket.

Sure, “it’s just politics.”   But it is a game that some believe is causing too much distrust in our system.   Who’s telling the truth?  Who is lying?   Is it what they really believe?  Or are they selling out to the special interest groups?  Is flip-flopping the only way they can see getting ahead to satisfy their own ambitions?

I draw an analogy to the business world.   So many will shift their opinions and views – many times not honestly – to fit those of a new boss, for instance.   It’s sometimes known as the “suck-up” process to be blunt – for fear they won’t survive.

Yes, I know we have to compromise.  But I am tired of people seemingly “selling out.”

The people I most admire in this world are people that are firm in their beliefs and their values and stick with them.   Whether it be in business or in politics, it’s all about honestly and integrity.  It’s knowing who you are dealing with; knowing they will be fair to you and never let you down because of their own opportunity to get ahead.

It’s about trust.  It’s like a true best friend.  You know they will always be there for you.

I am done now.  I’m going to go play with my new puppy Joppy.  He never lies to me.