Column: When you love corn on the cob, but not the mess


Commentary by Beverly Randolph

Dear Beverly: We are so fortunate to be invited to several picnics and barbeques this summer. However, how do I eat and enjoy corn on the cob in the presence of others without making a mess? Thank you, I love corn on the cob, but not the mess, help!

Dear “I love corn on the cob, but not the mess, help,”

In Indiana, we do love our corn, especially on the cob! Below, are tips to help you this summer season to eat it peacefully and deliciously.

  • Corn on the cob should only be served at casual dining settings. Corn served at a formal setting should always be cut off the cob in the kitchen before serving.
  • The cob is held by the ends with the fingers.
  • Large cobs are easier to eat when cut in half.
  • Put pats of butter on your plate and then use your knife to butter a few rows.
  • Hold the corn firmly by the ends with two hands. Corn skewers may be used.
  • Take just a bite or two at a time rather. Old-fashioned typewriter style is best.
  • Set your cob of corn down after each row, if not earlier, to avoid getting butter all over your fingers and corn kernels all over your face.  Wipe your mouth and hands with your napkin.
  • For children and those with dental concerns, cut the corn off the cob.



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