KBSO Consulting growing fast


By Mark Ambrogi

Seun Odukomaiya, left, and Kelley Bieghler, mechanical engineers who launched KBSO. (Submitted photo)

Seun Odukomaiya, left, and Kelley Bieghler, mechanical engineers who launched KBSO. (Submitted photo)

KBSO Consulting might have started off modestly, but the company is quickly gathering momentum.

Seun Odukomaiya and Kelley Bieghler, both mechanical engineers, had worked at the same company for several years before deciding to launch their own business, KBSO (their initials).

“We started in a tiny temporary office space with no windows,” Odukomaiya said. “It was just me and Kelley and couple of laptops and cellphones. We’ve been steadily growing since then. We’ve been blown away by the reception we’ve received by clients that have sought us out and wanted to work with us.”

KBSO, an engineering consulting firm, has added four full-time and two part-time employees and recently moved into a Carmel office at 1344 S. Range Line Rd., Suite 202. Odukomaiya, 31, lives in Carmel and Bieghler, 50, in Westfield.

“Our major clients are architects,” Odukomaiya said. “We consult for outside architectural firms to provide them with the designs for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for various building types. Our target building type is everything that falls under that healthcare umbrella. So things like hospitals, outpatient facilities, clinics, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. We also are targeting markets like higher education, whether (its) state (public) schools or private schools.”

Beighler said building is booming in the healthcare sector, and there is a little bit of shortage of engineers in that area.

But Odukomaiya said they are open to taking on other projects as well.

“We try to serve our clients,” Odukomaiya said.

Client service is the firm’s main mission.

“There is not a shortage of firms around here that do what we do,” Odukomaiya said. “What we are hoping will differential us from the herd is (customer service).”

Bieghler agreed.

“If you work on the relationship with your client, they’ll come back to you,” she said.

For more, visit kbsoconsulting.com.