Double play: Mary Caltrider swings for the fences as Indians emcee, Carmel High School student body president


By Amanda Foust

Whether it’s reaching out to her peers as student body president or leading the fans at an Indianapolis Indians game, Carmel High School senior Mary Caltrider can do it all.

She has spent her high school years determined to step out of her comfort zone and explore a wide range of activities.

Caltrider is in her third year of working with the Indianapolis Indians. What started out as a summer job led to her becoming an emcee for the team. It’s her job to energize the fans through team promotions on the field.

“It was a great first job and was a good glimpse about how to be a leader in the real world,” Caltrider said.

Her experience promoting, filming and approaching Indians fans was part of the foundation that motivated Caltrider to run for student body president.

“Before this, I would sit in the corner because it was easier,” she said. “Now, I reach out and sometimes get rejected, but I’ve learned a lot.”

Stepping out is exactly what Caltrider did her junior year of high school. CHS hadn’t had a female president since 2005.

“It was an obstacle in the sense that I didn’t know if the student body would vote for a girl,” Caltrider said. “I would go around campaigning to the girls and empowering them to want a female to represent the school.”

CHS Principal John Williams said Caltrider has “continued the long tradition of strong and dedicated leaders” as the student body president.

“She is a bright and motivated young lady, who has certainly had an impact on the wonderful success of this year’s senior class,” Williams said.

The years leading up to Caltrider running for CHS president was spent developing relationships with a variety of high school groups. She has been involved in volleyball, A-Cappella club, Greyhounds Kickoff mentorship, TV, student government, cross country, Ping Pong club, Pinterest club and Accents Show Choir.

“I was dabbling in so many things, and I believe my diverse interest really led me to become student body president, because I could really represent the student body well,” she said.

As president, Caltrider mostly works with student government and the CHS Senate. She is considered the principal advisory counselor for CHS. She also worked homecoming, blood drives, school dances and the events Care to Share and March Madness.

But out of all the events she leads, her favorite is the Carmel Dance Marathon, because all proceeds from the fundraising event go directly to Riley Hospital for Children. Caltrider has a heart for helping others and wants to use her leadership to make a positive impact.

“Being on the executive council is an honor to be able to work hand-in-hand with the cabinet members to raise money for Riley,” Caltrider said.

Her leadership abilities combined with her love of service have impacted her plans for the future. Caltrider said she hopes to focus on a career in communications and TV while also pursuing a law degree. She has considered political office or becoming a news anchor, but what she is really passionate about is speaking to young girls about body acceptance.

“I feel like media has influenced a perfect body standard,” Caltrider said, “I would love to pursue the passion of speaking to young girls about loving and accepting themselves as they are.”

Meet Mary Caltrider 

  • Age: 18
  • Grade: Senior
  • Birthplace: Zionsville
  • Favorite subject: English, because I like being creative through writing.
  • Favorite sports team: Pacers
  • Hobbies: Running, reading, CHS sports games, hanging out with friends, and making music videos.
  • Favorite food: Rice
  • Favorite quote: “If not now, when?”

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