Carmel resident, local CEO writes guide for college freshmen 


By Mark Ambrogi



Erin Fischer’s idea for a book came through her mission to be a super aunt.

“I had a trip to Arkansas to surprise my oldest niece who was in the play ‘MacBeth’ last fall,” said Fischer, owner and CEO of The Leadership and Training Studio. “While I was there, I was talking to my sister-in-law and talking about my oldest nephew going to college.”

Fischer, a Carmel resident, asked her sister-in-law if she had discussed with her son about choosing the right fraternity, his first fight with his roommate, what happens when he gets his first bad grade and how to talk to professors.

Fischer, 39, offered to talk to her nephew about some of these potential issues.

That gave her the idea to write “The Freshman Project” to help incoming freshman and their parents. She shares wisdom she has learned from colleagues and experts.

“I started asking people what they thought graduating seniors should know about college,” she said. “There are about 25 topics. It’s dedicated to my seven nieces and nephews, some who live here in Carmel, so when they go for their college experience, they are prepared well above laundry and their first Hamburger Helper meal.”

Fischer said she has determined her life’s legacy is to try to be the world’s best aunt.

Fischer sees her business as helping to support the growth of people.

“I don’t teach people how to do their job or be leaders,” said Fischer, who frequently works with college students. “I teach them better human relationship skills, whether they are a college student leader or CEO of their company. The theory is called super cognitive skills and the idea is to how to be more competent, how to make better decisions, how to manage your time well.”

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