Zippia: Carmel among Happiest Places in the Hoosier State


By Heather Lusk

Carmel was listed among the top 10 “Happiest Places in the Hooiser State,” according to the website Zippia, which exists to help users reach their career aspirations.

To determine happiness seven criteria were evaluated such as owning a home, having a job, a short commute and the poverty rate.

Granger was listed as the happiest city in Indiana with Carmel listed as number six. Other cities near Indianapolis on the list include Westfield, Zionsville, Fishers and Avon.

The list was created by the career website to help people decide between cities during their job search. The site allows users to insert their degree, interests or career background and determine what jobs are available for their experience skill-set.

“We publish these location-based ranking articles in order to lend clarity to other types of questions that people might have but might not know how to ask or might not know they actually have the question,” Zippia Marketing Associate John McLean said.

“If they were to select a city that we ranked as one of the happiest,” he said, “there’s a good chance you’ll be more satisfied with your job, you’ll be more friendly with your coworkers and it’s somewhere you’ll want to have a career as opposed to just another job.”

Happiness rankings for 35 states have been created with more states coming over the next few months. There are plans to keep the lists refreshed as census data is updated.

“We definitely want to keep people not only informed but entertained as well,” McLean said. “It’s kind of a good reflection of the area if things are improving or getting worse.”

The complete list of happiest places in Indiana can be found at

Other lists on the website include the Laziest Places in the state and Most Googled Companies in each state.