Carter named Teacher of the Month



The March Teacher of the Month winner is Renee Carter, a seventh-grade teacher at Clay Middle School. Student Jasmine Hsu nominated her. As a reward, Jasmine won a pizza party for her class, and Carter won a $50 gift card for Market District, Teacher of the Month sponsor.

Here is Jasmine’s winning essay:

Mrs. Carter is one of the most inspirational teachers there is. One time our class asked more than 15 questions in a row, but she never lost her enthusiasm and patiently answered the questions.  She taught us the importance of learning languages and studying roots of them. Furthermore, one day in class, she admitted that she stayed up all night worrying if the assessment she was going to give was going to be too hard. She tries to prepare us for future education and career options and always makes sure we feel like we are in a safe environment.

To submit an essay and nominate a teacher for the April Teacher of the Month, email a 100-word essay to All essays are due by April 15.


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