Opinion: Choose education, civility this political season


Commentary by Jason Peek

As I sit in the Main St. Barber Shop and talk to hundreds of people and watch the world go by on TV and my computer, I have noticed the divide in our country over candidates, religion and our opinions on Islam, refugees, guns taxes and on and on and on. I’m starting to realize that what I see is a bunch of media-educated people – like myself – that only know half of a story or so that some news broadcast told us. Maybe it was even dictated by someone in power to put out what they want you to hear.

I see people arguing and bickering to the point of anger just to show each other how right they think they are and acting like if they talk loud enough the other person will go, “Oh, you’re right” and change their mind. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, but I’m learning that there is so much out there and so many lies and misconceptions that it can’t all be covered. Is Trump a racist? Is Hillary a criminal? Is Ted Cruz lying? Will Bernie get us free college? Blah, blah, blah.

Maybe we should care more about our country and each other first, rather than trying to save the world and not offend anyone that cries about something. Maybe we could remember why and how this country was started and focus on it more than trying to save a hell-bound world that doesn’t want our help all that much. We could look at a person preaching a religion or a political view and instead of getting angry say, “Hey brother, I’m not into arguing with you. I’d rather just grab a beer and be cool to each other.”

I’m not a scholar or genius, and hell, I’m not even a writer. I just do my best, but this is our country, and violence and anger toward each other is stupid and evil. I’ll choose love and do my best to remember that everyone has rights to their opinion.

So the next time the talk gets heated, and you know it’s going nowhere but downhill, just look at that person in front of you and say something like, “Man, nice talk, but I’m going to grab some wings from The Pint Room and see if they got the new beer in from Danny Boy Beer Works and then get my haircut at Main Street Barber Shop because I love Carmel. Care to join me, brother?”

Let me know how it works out.