In the Studio with Hewook Lee


CIC-COM-0405-In the Studio Lee

By Carolyn Martens

Long-time Carmel resident and oil painter Hewook Lee has won many awards including the 2016 Hoosier Women’s Artist Competition where her work will be on display in the Indiana State House.

What inspires you?

“As a person of faith, I am inspired by all of God’s magnificent creations around me. I enjoy painting people, landscapes, animals, flowers, and in the abstract. Even though the world can be chaotic at times, I like imposing the beauty of order to my canvas to remind me that all will be OK.”

What is your process?

“I try to find the best way to compose a subject so that it captures my initial impression of it. Like music and writing, painting is also communication so if I can get that first impression across I have succeeded.”

How did you get started?

“Ever since I was a child, I have loved to draw, paint, and go to museums to study the old master paintings. In college, I graduated with a BFA from UCLA and over time I have gone to numerous workshops around the country to become a better artist.”

If your paintings were music, what would they sound like?

“Vivaldi’s Four Seasons– full of life, joy, and some ups and downs, but still beautiful!”

See Hewook’s work at her solo show at ArtSplash Gallery in April and at and