Letter: Outgoing councilors are missed



I knew that I (we) would miss them – just not how soon or how much.

The loss of the stabilizing city council members Luci Snyder, Rick Sharp and Eric Seidensticker along with Clerk-Treasurer Diana Cordray due to a lazy and/or ill-informed electorate in the last election has given “King James” free rein to pursue his delusions of grandeur unencumbered. It is easy to do spectacular things as long as you are spending someone else’s money with virtually no limits.

To the outgoing Council members: You always had my respect. You had my vote. Now please accept my thanks and regrets.

Hold onto your wallets, folks. We are just seeing the beginning of a long and very expensive ride.

David L. Clingman



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  1. Larry Verrill on

    Thank you Mr. Clingman for expressing the feelings of myself and many citizens of Carmel who will have to pay for the mayors outlandish spending after he is gone from his throne.

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