Ritz Charles to serve as caterer for City Hardware 

Casey Lazzara inside the downtown space. (Submitted photo)

Casey Lazzara inside the downtown space. (Submitted photo)

By Mark Ambrogi

To Casey Lazzara, the name City Hardware has a certain urban chic flair.

Lazzara, events sales associate for Carmel’s Ritz Charles, said her company has exclusive careering rights to City Hardware. The downtown Indianapolis events space, 136 N. Delaware St., is owned by the National Retail Hardware Association. The large space is in the main level of their building.

“We picked the name because it’s in the city and we’re actually in the National Retail Hardware Association building,” Lazzara said. “We’re trying to get that name out there.”

Ritz Charles put in a proposal and was named the exclusive caterer for the space. Lazzara said the space will accommodate 120 people for some events, like a cocktail party.

Lazzara, 31, works in the off-premise catering department for Ritz Charles. Ritz Charles is one of two caters used at the downtown Indianapolis Central Library and Indianapolis Artsgarden.

“So this is good because we’ve never had place downtown we’re exclusive with,” said Lazarra, whose father Chuck owns Ritz Charles.

“We’re going to a lot of corporate events during the day such as business meetings,” Lazzara said. “We’re also going to focus on rehearsal dinners because it’s just a cool little industrial space and modern so it’s relative to today. People my age like that kind of atmosphere. We can maybe have a business after-hours (function) or something like that as well.”

Holiday parties are another possibility. Lazzara held a grand open house for business professionals and event planners Feb. 17.

Lazzara, a 2006 Ball State graduate with a degree in fashion design and merchandising, will be with Ritz Charles full time 10 years in May. Ritz Charles celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015.

City Hardware is ready for immediate rental. For more on renting the space, call 846-9158 (ext. 12) or email caseylazzara@ritzcharles.com


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