Letter: ‘Giant cinnamon rolls’ blocking visibility at roundabout



I was just wondering is Cinnabon or Pillsbury was sponsoring those giant, concrete cinnamon rolls on the Main Street and Keystone roundabout? You know, the ones that are obstructing everyone’s view of traffic.

It used to be grass. Now it is a concrete swirl on each end. Since I pass it every day about 6:45 a.m. – before breakfast – they look an awful lot like giant concrete cinnamon rolls. They block visibility, just like some of the other art and structures in Carmel.

I find it ironic that the city removes people’s garage sale signs because they block visibility, and yet they erect giant concrete structures such as these and the gateway to the Arts and Design District by the library. The only reason I could see behind these visual barriers to traffic visibility would be corporate sponsorship. That leads me back to my original point of sarcasm.

Or perhaps these are a Star Wars reference to the hair buns on the original Princess Leia? Now Disney would definitely be a good corporate sponsor.

Unless these are sponsored, it is a huge waste of money that would be better spent to improve that particular round about. If you get on from Keystone northbound to go West on Main Street, you have to immediately swing wide to get into the far lane so you can go straight onto Main Street.

I just hope they don’t waste money like this at 126th Street, because the neighbors and I (who pay taxes here) USE those grassy roundabouts every Fourth of July to watch the Carmelfest fireworks.

Lynette Quinn