Meet your leaders: Roger Harvey


As the Hamilton Co. Leadership Academy enters its 25th anniversary year, Current is highlighting local leaders who have helped build and sustain the program, which focuses on strengthening our community by developing informed leaders. In June, another class of engaged citizens will join the 600-plus graduates already working to make a difference.

CIC-COM-0112- HCLA leader- Harvey

Roger Harvey, HCLA Class of 2010

Hometown: Born in New York City; grew up in Fort Lauderdale.

Lives: Westfield (Moved there in 2015 after 10 years in Carmel)

Works: Indianapolis

Family: Wife, Tonya; daughters, Caroline and Emily

Career: Principal and managing director of strategic communications at Bose Public Affairs Group

Community involvement: Serves on the boards of St. Mary’s Child Center, the Indiana Health Industry Forum and the Culpepper Journalism Foundation.

Nice to know: Before joining Bose, Harvey spent 18 years as an Emmy-award winning television journalist. He reported live via satellite videophone from Kabul, Afghanistan, and was on the scene in New York City within hours of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He also was an anchor at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. “I was fortunate to have had a front-row seat in the theater of history during my career.”

Biggest HCLA takeaway: “You will learn and meet interesting people, and this is why I strongly encourage people to apply for the HCLA. Jill [Doyle, the executive director,] does a terrific job in planning a diverse and engaging curriculum, and you are always guaranteed to have a thoughtful, respected class leader.”

What impact has the program made?  “It is extremely important to the community in terms of educating participants and encouraging their involvement in community service. As a participant, I learned a tremendous amount about the county’s history and plans for the future. I also was fortunate to be in a class with many talented people who have become friends both personally and professionally.”

Favorite Hamilton Co. restaurant(s): “We enjoy Kona Grill, Stone Creek, The Local and Scotty’s.”


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