Stop sign at 126th Street and Auman Drive to be removed


Update: As of 11 a.m. Jan. 5 the stop sign has been taken down. See video above for details.

Before the Carmel City Council meeting even began Jan. 4, there was a sign at 126th Street and Auman Drive saying that the much-debated stop sign there would soon be removed.

At the first meeting of the year, the newly-elected council made it official.

The council approved the removal of the stop sign after the first reading of the ordinance. The vote came after 10:30 p.m. after many Carmel residents in attendance had already left the meeting.

The new ordinance allows Carmel’s city engineer to decide which stop signs can be removed without council approval.

The 126th and Auman Drive stop sign has drawn the ire of motorists having to stop during rush hour. Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has previously said that very few people exit the nearby residential neighborhood compared to the amount of east-west traffic on 126th Street, so the stop sign wasn’t necessary.

The proposed removal of the stop sign led many to speak out at meetings during the past year, even local basketball legend Bobby “Slick” Leonard, but the previous council did not have enough votes to make it happen. Many newly-elected members had publicly stated their support for removing the sign, so it was widely expected to be removed once the new council took office.

Councilor Kevin “Woody” Rider asked that the city council be notified in the future about any stop sign removals so there isn’t a tug-of-war between the city engineer and the council, who could vote to put it back where it was.

Brainard said a previous city council stripped the city engineer of the authority to remove stop signs. Under the law, the council could still vote to override the engineer’s decision, but it requires unanimous support.

“I’m not going to second guess my accountant when he tells me how to report my income taxes,” Brainard said, using the analogy to show why he believes the city engineer should be trusted.



  1. What a STUNT! LIVE VIDEO no less! Carmel Citizens made 4,231,402 UNNECESSARY STOPS so Mayor Brainard could sweep the election!

    The neighborhood asked that the stop sign be taken down on February 16, 2015 or 322 days ago.
    Be glad to provide the video documentation.

    We asked for consideration of another alternative. This was a campaign stunt developed in 2010 (1) full year to the day before the 2011 Primary Election. See the Mayors Memo below.

    He had 2 candidates running against him in 2011 and knew it would be wasted and unnecessary to play that card then.

    4 years later it SUDDENLY becomes Urgent?

    In 4 years there were 19,199,000 UNNECESSARY STOPS, NIGHTLY Traffic Jams and Accidents! All because the Mayor wanted a campaign issue for 2015.


  2. Mayor Jim Brainard May 4, 2010 – “I could easily see a candidate walking car to car handing out fliers saying how stupid the sign is”

    Indeed 4 years later a Candidate, Jeff Worrell, did almost exactly that. Jeff, who received $29,104 in campaign contributions from ‘The Friends of Jim Brainard’, used a sign instead!

    (See photo)

  3. “I’m not going to second guess my accountant when he tells me how to report my income taxes,” Brainard said, using the analogy to show why he believes the city engineer should be trusted.

    I sure hope Mayor Brainard’s accountant is honest. I’d hate to see him have legal difficulties due to misrepresentations.

    Of course as in all cases with the Mayor there is always ‘Plausible Deniability’ he always has others to point the finger at. Last night is was the Clerk Treasurer and the past Council members he so recently honored for their service and then promptly threw back under the bus last night.

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