Opinion: Thankful? Let’s count the ways


Weren’t we all just celebrating summer and at its myriad festivals in our community? Hasn’t the weather, for the most part, been as close to perfect this fall as we’ve seen in quite some time? How stunning is it, then, that Thanksgiving is but two days away? Where did this year go? If you’re like us, you’ve been running at in excess of 100 mph through this thing we call life. If you’re like us, you probably (and sadly) haven’t taken time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, very often. But, ah-ha, Thanksgiving weekend is at hand, and we absolutely will take the opportunity to chill out. We hope you will, too. Here’s to some down time, the opportunity to reflect, take stock and identify that for which you are gratified. No, not in the sappy TV commercial way; we mean in the real, honest-to-goodness way. With so much strife and sadness in our world today, it’s time we realize, no matter how burdened any of us might be (and that includes you, Hillary Clinton), we still have it far better than millions of others. Be appreciative of that. And don’t forget to overeat.

* * *

Inside today’s Current you will find our Gifts 2015, our annual holiday guide, which we hope you’ll make use of and enjoy. It’s a prelude to what we’re calling “an artful holiday.” As all forms of art are important to our readers, we considered the over-arching topic to be a no-brainer. One of our former managing editors, Robert Herrington, rejoined us ever so temporarily to shepherd the project as a freelancer. Robert always had a passion for Gifts, and we believe this represents his finest effort.