Truth is hard to find among politicians at all levels


It makes me wonder these days if people really know what the truth is, and if they really care? From Carmel to the Indiana Statehouse to Washington, it seems that elected officials will say anything and label it as the truth. Maybe they know in today’s environment of cell phones and tablets many people believe anything that they read or hear is true.

Politicians are great about lying even when they are caught red handed. The Republicans lied when they promised to change things in Washington if they got the majority in the House and Senate but didn’t. The Democrats say they have made it better for minorities and the middle class when median wages for all these groups dropped over the last seven years.

A lot of people maybe just feel better when they are told everything is great whether it actually is or not. Recently we had another real estate tax increase to .7143 per hundred of assessed value for the City of Carmel. Mayor Brainard denied it was a tax increase in two recent Current articles. He said “The rate cap does not become the actual rate. It is simple.” It is simple, and I checked it out.

By looking at the rates on my actual tax bills, the city tax rate has jumped up from .4329 in 2005 to .7007 in 2014. My tax bills matched the rate passed by the council 100 percent of the time. Carmel has had a 65 percent increase from 2005 to the newest rate. Why lie about it? After all, the truth is that Carmel can’t spend all this money without raising taxes.

I am sure after this article is published, Mayor Brainard will take credit for our residential real estate taxes being less compared to 2005. Real estate taxes are less for some residential tax payers but only because they are at the 1 percent state cap. The credit for that belongs to Mitch Daniels, who got the statehouse to pass it. However, property taxes continue to grow for businesses in Carmel with the cost being passed on to us, the consumers.