Owner of BodyLogicMD in Carmel talks anti-aging

Lynn Reynolds

Lynn Reynolds

By Mark Ambrogi

For Dr. Lynn Reynolds, Carmel was the perfect fit for Indiana’s first BodyLogicMD. Reynolds is the owner of the facility, opened last month at 755 W. Carmel Dr.

She is board certified for obstetrics and gynecology and fellowship trained in metabolic medicine, also known as anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Reynolds learned about the anti-aging and regenerative medicine fellowship at a weekend seminar.

“I was very impressed with scientific explanation on the hormonal changes that occur in the body as we age,” Reynolds said. “Because of that, I decided I needed to know more to benefit my patients better.”

Reynolds went through a 2 1/2-year process, graduating from the fellowship training in December 2014.

There are 43 different BodyLogicMD practices around the nation.

“My practice is a functional medicine process that focuses on balancing hormones and improving nutrition with supplements, diet and exercise,” Reynolds said. “They key that we are looking for is living better longer. The type of approach I take to wellness seemed like it would be best received in this community. It’s a community that is open to alternative approaches to health and wellness.”

Reynolds has a gynecology practice in Martinsville where she lives. She sees patients three days each week at the practice.

BodyMDLogic is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays for now.

“Once I get up to having it open three days, I plan to have someone else working there,” Reynolds said. “We’re willing to grow as our interest grows. Our numbers are low right now, and we’re hoping to improve that by letting the community know we’re here. The people that have been here seem to be pleased with the consultation and services we are providing.”

Reynolds is only seeing female patients now, but she hopes to add male patients in 2016 as her numbers increase.

For more, visit bodylogicmd.com.