CNO Financial named one of the top 100 healthiest places to work in U.S.


By Audrey Bailey

CNO Financial Group associates in Carmel spent a workday last month meeting different company partners and learning about the plethora of health benefits their award-winning corporation happens to be offering this year.

This kick-starter event featured approximately forty different venders, ranging from financial services to holistic health practitioners, all there with the intent of reaching out to CNO associates to help make healthy options part of every day life.

And, exemplified by recent awards along with being named one of the top 100 healthiest work places in the U.S., CNO prides itself on its health benefits. These resources range from workplace yoga classes, to a full-time, operating health clinic on campus, offered to both associates and their families.

“As an associate, it’s really a matter of walking around, asking questions, getting trinket items, and finding out what’s new with their company, and what the company has to offer in the next year,” said Kami Reuter, a wellness consultant at CNO.

The event also happened to coincide with CNO’s health and benefit annual enrollment period, where associates can select dental and health insurance plans. Programs like these help facilitate the process of choosing any additional benefits and services employees may be interested in, to go alongside their primary health plan.

According to Grace Brothers, VP of Benefits at CNO, the goal is to meet the needs of every associate, in a way that’s both expedient and health oriented. It’s all about investing in each and every employee.

“A part of it is benchmarking our programs to make sure we continue to offer the best programs,” Brothers said. “You know, when you compete for these awards, you see what is the best of the best out there, and we want to be able to offer our associates a very best-in-class type of wellness program.”

Ashley Drees, a four-year associate with CNO, enjoys the sense of community these events create, along with the ease of having each vendor available in person.

“They bring everything to us. It’s nice that you can just walk across the street, or down the hall, or wherever you need to, come for a couple of minutes, get so much information and look at it on your own time,” Drees said. “It makes it a lot easier to see what resources are available to you.”

Brothers said this is all part of the culture at CNO, whether in Carmel, Chicago or Philadelphia locations. The company focuses on keeping its employees healthy, in every way possible.

“We’ve really focused in on wellness for really a long time here,” Brothers said. “And, we’ve just continued to accelerate what we do on wellness; with our onsite clinics, with really incorporating it into our health plans on what we provide our associates, and really trying to meet our associates where they are.”


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