Letter: Consistency needed at trail crossings



Thank you, thank you for your commentary regarding the Monon crossing at Main St. I would like to add the crossing at 136th also. Little is being done to educate the Monon users that the stop sign applies to them, not the driver. The drivers who stop to allow the pedestrians or bikers to cross are not doing them a favor. The Monon users have developed a false sense of security that all drivers will stop to allow their crossing. I’ve seen numerous close calls due to the assumption that the cars will stop, no matter what. I think the flashing yellow caution lights only add to the problem because drivers assume they have to stop if they see a pedestrian or biker approaching the trail. And I agree with you that the policeman statue gives the same impression to the driver.

More needs to be done to educate the Monon users that the cars have the right of way or else stop signs should be installed for the drivers at all of the crossings. One way or another, but we need consistency!

Sue Herman