New office a better fit for Carmel Clay Education Foundation mission


By Amanda Foust

The Carmel Clay Education Foundation has offered support to Carmel Clay Schools for the last 50 years, and CCS is giving back with a newly renovated location for the foundation’s offices.



Although this was a sudden move, co-executive directors Stephanie McDonald and Barbara Danquist are excited about the possibilities the new location will bring. CCS has provided the foundation with an office space and an opportunity to be involved directly with the schools, but the number of people within the old space was growing while the building wasn’t able to expand.

“They have asked us to move into a great space they are renovating, and we look forward to the move because then we will be more in the community,” Danquist said.

Because of their direct involvement with CCS, Danquist and McDonald are able to show up in the schools, but their old location did not make it easy for the community to visit them.



“Our goal is to reach out into the community to find those who want to help us … and for us to have an opportunity for them to have a more direct way to see us,” Danquist said.

CCEF acts as a bridge between the schools and the community.

“The foundation is separate from CCS, but we support the school system,” Danquist said. “We create ways of raising the funds and then create ways to distribute.”

The move is scheduled to happen on Sept. 15. The new location will be at 515 East Main St., directly across from Carmel High School.

“We are definitely thinking positive,” McDonald said. “With every change there are positives that occur no matter what that change may be.”



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