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I’ve debated sending this note for a while now, but after reading the most current “From the Backshop” in the 8/18 edition of “Current in Carmel,” I felt I should.

I’ve been an Indiana girl most of my life: raised in South Bend, spent my early 20’s in Indy, went to IU-Bloomington for college. My job post-college took me many places as I advanced in my career (Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee). A few years ago, my husband and I were able to choose where we lived (rather than my job choosing for us), and for me, there was no question that I wanted to come back to Indiana. I love it here. And I love what it’s become/ing. Up until the RFRA debacle, I’ve always worn my Hoosier badge proudly.

We chose to settle down in Carmel. We bought the house, had the child and have really started creating a life for ourselves here. And part of that life is getting involved in community events. And that’s where you come in. I do enjoy reading Current in Carmel and appreciate what you guys are doing, especially in this digital age where print media is sadly disappearing. I find myself clipping out events/things to do and posting them on my fridge and, by and large, enjoy thumbing through the pages.

What I can’t understand, and really hope you’ll look at, is the tone that is taken in the Views section, specifically in your “From the Backshop” section. I’m not asking you to change your beliefs – not in the slightest; however, I am asking you to consider the tone of your delivery. Every week, I find it condescending, nasty and very short sighted.

Believe me, I know that I’m a blue girl living in a red state. And I respect everyone’s right to their opinions. But this isn’t The Drudge Report. Or Fox News. This is a newspaper dedicated to supporting and promoting the community. And it’s jarring to have such divisive language in the middle of a community-centric paper. As someone who reads your paper every week, that this really bothers me. And if it bothers me, it likely is bothering many other people.

I love my community and love 90 percent of your paper. I hope this doesn’t become something that gets made fun of in next week’s issue, because I do feel my heart is in the right place here.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Amy Charles



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