In the Studio with Magdalena Hoyos-Segovia



By Carolyn Martens

What kind of art to you do?

“I’m a figurative painter whose work focuses on portraying those gestures that reflect our feelings of love, happiness, or peace when engaged in activities which uplift our spirit. For this I use my own personal characterization of the human form. I want my work to withstand time.”

What’s your process? 

“First I draw the composition on a small piece of paper to make sure the flow of lines encompasses the message. Then I transfer it onto canvas and leave the extras to the subconscious. I use layers of oil paint on linen which I prepare like the old masters.”

How long have you been painting? 

“Thanks to my mother, I got started when she noticed that I liked to draw and placed me in art lessons. As life continued, I went into other things like studying business. Later in life, I went back to it and got a bachelor of arts degree while living in Brazil with my husband.”

What’s your best advice for displaying your work? 

“Although I pay attention to good composition and aesthetics, the worth of my work is in the message. My hope is that it is placed where people can see it often and get inspired with positive feelings.”

If your art was a food, what would it taste like? 

“Healthy chocolate.”

If your art was music, what would it sound like? 

“Whatever uplifts the viewer’s feelings.  If I had to mention one in particular, it would be “Habanera” from Bizet.”

Find her work at Magdalena Gallery in the Carmel Arts District and