Carmel swimmer reflects on setting world record


Compiled by Ann Marie Shambaugh

Claire Adams of Carmel set a junior world record earlier this month with a time of 59.58 seconds in the 100-meter backstroke at the USA Championships in San Antonio.

The Carmel High School senior will compete in the U.S. World Junior Championships Aug. 25 to 30 in Singapore and could possibly make the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. She answered the following questions from Current in Carmel on her recent success and future goals.

How did you first become interested in swimming?

I am from Houston and had always enjoyed summer swim team. When I moved to Carmel my parents put me on the swim team because they knew I liked it and would be able to make friends.

What did it feel like to set a world-record time in San Antonio?

I had no idea I had set a world record at first. I was in shock when I found out. Everything was happening so quickly it didn’t sink in until later that night.

What are your swimming goals?

My biggest goal as a swimmer is to make a positive impact on the sport and other people whether they swim or not.

How do you feel about your chances for making the U.S. Olympic team?

I am very excited about the 2016 Olympics! When it comes down to it the water doesn’t discriminate. I have just as good a chance as anyone.

What would it mean to you to make the U.S. Olympic team?

It is always an honor to represent our country, and making the U.S. Olympic team would be an amazing opportunity to do so.

What is your favorite thing about living in Carmel?

I think we live in such a beautiful city. I love how we have a strong sense of pride in our community.

What are your favorite Carmel restaurants?

I absolutely love Yats, Square Donuts, and Handel’s.

Who are your role models?

My coach, Ian Murray, and my parents. All three are amazing, dedicated people.

What advice do you have for swimmers looking for success?

My biggest piece of advice would be to trust your coaches and work the process. Results will come when you trust the plan.


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