Veteran’s bucket list wish to be fulfilled at art show

Work by Don Finch will be on display Aug. 28 at Hoosier Salon's Carmel Gallery. 

Work by Don Finch will be on display Aug. 28 at Hoosier Salon’s Carmel Gallery. 

You might call it a “bucket list” wish.

Marine veteran Don Finch knows his days are numbered.

After studying at Herron School of Art in the 1970s, he worked by day as a sign painter and billboard hanger.  In his free time he painted as a hobby. He painted because he enjoyed it, and few people have seen his work.

Before he leaves this planet he wanted to have a show of his work, where people could look at – and hopefully admire – his art.

Spurred by his friends and with cooperation from Hoosier Salon’s Carmel Gallery, Finch’s bucket list wish will be fulfilled.  His works will be on display from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 28 in a special area of the gallery at 22 N. Rangeline Road.

“This is one small gesture for an Indiana artist and veteran, and we’re helping him get recognition for a lifetime of work,” said Jim May, Hoosier Salon executive director. “Hoosier Salon has always supported Indiana artists and their work.”

Most of his works are animal portraits on fabric and textured papers he selects to enhance the animal’s fur or skin.


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