In the Studio with Nancy Keating


By Carolyn Martens



This year’s winner of the Best in Media at the Talbot Street Art Fair and the 2014 Indiana State Fair’s Professional Fine Arts/Glass division, Nancy Keating makes contemporary mosaic art with vibrant colors, reflective textures, and a touch of whimsy.

Describe your art: I make mosaic art using discarded vintage objects like toasters, coffee percolators and magnum wine bottles. My hope is for people to be drawn to the colors, the textures, the reflections of light, and feel happy because to me, this is fun art.

What’s your process? Very intuitive. I often start with one of my favorite sources of inspiration like the brightly colored mosaics of Barcelona’s Antonio Gaudi. I draw rough sketches and try to let it flow. I love bringing all the pieces and parts, the colors and textures, the shapes and movement together as art.

How long? Around 20 years ago, I began in mixed media mosaic with a focus on garden art, using mainly ceramic and found objects. Over time my direction shifted to include original fine art glass mosaic.

What would it taste like? Mango salsa.

Where can I find it? ArtSplash Gallery in the District or