GriefShare sessions set for St. Mark’s


By Mark Ambrogi

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church associate pastor Suzanna Ross Helms understands each person has a different reaction to grief.

Helms, who serves as discussion leader, said GriefShare sessions can help. The sessions will be held at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, 4780 E. 126th St., Carmel, from7 p.m. to 9 p.m on Mondays from Aug. 3 to Nov. 2.

This 13-week series features video lessons by nationally recognized experts providing information and encouragement on grief recovery topics such as: Is This Normal?, The Challenges of Grief, Grief & Your Relationships and  Guilt & Anger.

“There is group discussion following the video,” Helms said. “Along with the weekly meetings there is personal workbook that they use during the week. I’ve found the videos are very honest, very raw in communicating the grief process and very reassuring to people who are grieving that they’re OK and what they’re feeling is normal.”

The support group is open for church members and non-members.

“It doesn’t matter how long ago their loss was, they are welcome to join because grief is different for every person,” said Nancy Canning, communications director for St. Mark’s.

The church previously ran a GriefShare program from January to March.

“Each presentation stands alone so if you missed the first ones, it’s still OK to join the group even if it’s already started,” Helms said.

Helms said other churches run the program on different nights so visitors can catch a discussion topic they’ve missed. The schedules for churches in the area are available on

GriefShare, a nondenominational program, features biblical concepts for healing from grief.

A participation fee of $15 covers the cost of all materials, including a workbook for journaling and personal study exercises to reinforce the session topics. For more information, or to register, visit or call St. Mark’s at 846-4912. Child care is available with advance request.


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