‘A Splash of Carmel’ mural created by CACHD

(Submitted photo)

(Submitted photo)

The Carmel Arts Council High School Division has created a mural titled “A Splash of Carmel” on a building in the Monon Square Center.  This is an effort of SoHo Café, Porter Paints, Horton, Inc. and The Carmel Arts Council.

High School students, Dana Wang and Katie Voor designed and carried out the vision with other students.  CACHD President, Sydney Hardwick organized all the painting sessions and gathered the teams of volunteer painters.  It has been fun watching pedistrians come off the Monon Trail to help paint!

The mural – “A Splash of Carmel” is a 24-color mural and 3-D art will be added then they add old bicycle parts.  The mural depicts highlights of the City of Carmel including the Palladium, the public library, the Koi pond, Clay Terrace and much more.  These images are all interspersed with coffee flowing throughout the city.