County’s Public Safety Appreciation Day event to be held in Carmel


By Maddie Yerant



The news may be full of stories about riots against police officers, but if Cheryl Footman has anything to say about, it shouldn’t.

“One bad moment and we’re stereotyping all these officers and everybody,” Footman said. “That’s crazy. We can’t do that.”

In response, Footman organized Public Safety Appreciation Day, an event featuring music and recognition for public safety officers. Public Safety Appreciation Day will take place July 25 at the Carmel Gazebo.

“There’s a lot of violence going on in the community around public safety officers,” Footman said. “So I was just led to do an event that’s going to promote love and peace, and try to bring the community and public safety (officers) together under a more fun, peaceful type of atmosphere.”

Footman said Public Safety Appreciation Day will feature her band, Lynn Cherry and the Legacy Band, as well as other musicians, playing a variety of music from R&B to funk and rock.

The event may also recognize exemplary public safety officers through awards given throughout, according to Footman.

Footman said she wans to take the time to thank those who may not hear the words enough.

“I’m hoping to be able to have awards for community leaders and officers, veterans, people who have done things in the community to make us safe,” Footman said. “I just want to recognize the people who may not ordinarily get recognized.”

Footman said she hopes events like these will help the public to notice and respect the public safety officers who work to keep them safe.

“We’ve seen some bad moments, and I believe if we start talking about love and peace, then maybe it’ll catch on,” Footman said.

For more information about Public Safety Appreciation Day, including how to participate, visit Footman’s website at