Zacky’s: Here to stay



At the end of 2014, Zack Darring announced that he was contemplating the sell of his restaurant, Zacky’s Hot Dogs & BBQ, so he could devote more time to the church.

Darring searched for months to find the right fit that would maintain the same quality and high standards which Zacky’s has been known for the past five years.  During that time, many requests were made for Zacky’s Hot Dogs & Smokehouse Barbecue, to not only remain open, but if possible, under the same ownership.

“Customers told Zack that this is one of the few places locally where they can find a true Chicago dog made the traditional way unless you want to drive to Illinois or Northern Indiana,” he said.

Darring said, “This is a ministry to me. There is a connection to people, because there is nothing greater than making people happy. So I just want to continue to bring happiness into their lives.” To Darring, his customers are not just customers.  He says they are friends and extended family.

Darring plans to make some changes of his own by possibly adding a breakfast menu starting at 6 a.m. He’s in the process of recruiting friendly, dependable staff to help him so he can also continue to devote more time to the church he leads at Jesus is Lord  Christian Fellowship, at 6225 Knollton Road, Indianapolis.

“I know the good Lord will bless me and help me find the balance to do both,” he said