Column: Authors to visit Carmel in Oct.


Whether you prefer to tap the screen or turn the page the old-fashioned way, book lovers in Carmel are in for a real treat. Thanks to the resourcefulness and commitment of the Carmel Clay Library Guild, five nationally-celebrated, award-winning authors will personally bring five newly released books to our town.

Ann Poindexter, President of the Carmel Clay Library Foundation summed it up best when she said, “The Library Guild is the volunteer arm of the Library. We empowered them to take control of this event and they really stepped up.”

Poindexter is speaking about the tenth anniversary Guilded Leaf Book & Author Luncheon to be held on Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Ritz Charles. Should you decide to attend and join fellow bibliophiles, you can meet and hear from novelists Elin Hilderbrand, William Ken Krueger, Joanna Scott, Gail Sheehy and Matthew Thomas. This “A” Team of authors promise engaging stories, behind the scenes anecdotes and personal engagement.

Never before has the luncheon been absolutely 100 percent organized by volunteers. Carmel Guild President Julie Shadinger is proud of the work the 70 some members have put forth so far to make the luncheon a success. As a little girl Julie always had a book in her hand, even if it was only because she figured out at a young age her parents might opt to let her read instead of drying the dishes. She said, “Since moving to Carmel seven years ago, I knew immediately I wanted to get involved with the Library. I love books and I love what the Guild does to support the library.”

She is joined by many who feel the same way. Michelle Shadrick and Dale Theising announced the exciting new books at the Reveal Event held last Wednesday. The duo is responsible for bringing the authors to Carmel and with the help of “readers” choose the books to be featured. Shadrick and Theising were treated to applause, oohs and giggles as the audience imagined what the full read would bring after listening to the tease about each book.

For just $70, men are welcome along with the women to attend the luncheon moderated by our own J. Andy Murphy. Overseeing every detail is Ginny Purvis who serves as Event Chair. A resident of Carmel just 4 years, she has jumped in with both feet and promises a day you will not want to miss. Reservations: 814-3905 Good Day Carmel!


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