Letter: School board condemns new gun law



In March, State Rep. Jerry Torr and State Sen. Mike Delph strongly supported an NRA-inspired law, SB 229, which allows loaded guns to be left unattended in vehicles on school property. Gov. Mike Pence signed this into law. At a recent Carmel School Board meeting, Democratic state representative candidate David Russ discussed his strong concerns with this law. In a prepared statement, the superintendent and each elected school board member also condemned the law, pointing out that Torr and Delph supported it. Let’s keep guns off school property! Vote for Democrat David Russ against Jerry Torr and for Democrat J.D. Ford against Mike Delph and bring back sanity to gun laws and protect our children.

Jim Blessing, 46033



  1. The final version of Senate Bill 229 passed with bi-partisan support in both the House (75-24) and in the Senate (38-10), and of course was signed into law by Governor Pence. By far the vast majority of calls and emails that my office received from Carmel constituents was in favor of the legislation.

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