Letter: 126th St. intersection needs to be reconfigured



The intersection just east of Range Line Road on 126th Street and Auman Drive is one of the most ridiculous 3-way stops here in Carmel. I wonder why we paid so much money to construct a roundabout over Keystone Parkway to provide a safe, expeditious flow of traffic on 126th Street and then have this 3-way stop to prevent the original purpose. The peak traffic periods catch automobiles blocking the intersection at Range Line Road and 126th Street in front of City Center causing an unsafe condition. During one period, I counted 54 automobile stops at the intersection and not one came from Auman Drive. If the city really thinks this intersection is needed, then simply fund the money for a traffic signal allowing intersecting traffic from Auman Drive to be afforded a tripping device to support the flow. I am sure it would save fuel, fumes and some frustration for a few motorists.

Robert Auscherman, 46033