Letter: Time to rescind Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act



Letter carrier Ronnie Roush makes an excellent point regarding unrealized profits in the U.S. Postal Service. Back in 2006, when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, a law was passed requiring the U.S. Post Office to pre-fund health care for every employee for 75 years past retirement. This requirement had never been made of any private or government entity. It was almost as though its intention was to cripple the post office. As Roush points out, it has succeeded. While the post office should be profitable, it is recording huge profit losses. Consequently, the post office has had to lay off employees and double up delivery routes. In my neighborhood, the mail service is a joke amongst residents. Some days we don’t receive mail at all. Other days it doesn’t come until after dark – even during daylight saving time. It’s time for Congress to rescind the so-called Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Some chores are simply too big for private enterprise. Delivering the mail is chief among them. That’s why Benjamin Franklin deemed it so important, he demanded it require its own cabinet post.

Andy Ray, 46032