Temporary signal on U.S. 31 at I-465 activated April 18


INDOT crews plan to activate a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of U.S. 31 and I-465 on April 18. The stoplight will stop traffic on southbound U.S. 31 entering I-465.

The signal will require all southbound traffic to stop and is being activated one week before a ramp closure that will detour northbound traffic to make a left turn across southbound lanes.

The southbound U.S. 31 to I-465 ramp movements are normally free-flowing, so the signal is being activated in advance of the ramp detour to alert motorists to stop on red and allow time to safely adjust to the change.

INDOT crews also expect to close the northbound U.S. 31 loop ramp to westbound I-465 for up to 30 days on or after April 25.

The ramp traffic will be detoured to make a left turn and merge with the southbound U.S. 31 ramp to westbound I-465. To allow for this protected left turn, the new traffic signal will stop southbound U.S. 31, specifically traffic entering the eastbound and westbound I-465 ramps.


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