Letter: Not everyone is in the pocket of the NRA



Republican legislators and our governor recently enacted new laws, allowing guns in locked cars on school parking lots (where they can be broken into), and at graduation and prom events held off school property. Republicans also approved a constitutional amendment to guarantee Hoosiers the right to hunt and fish. These laws were passed with the fervent backing of the National Rifle Association, which lobbied for them. OK, if that passed in this session, what’s in store for the next Indiana legislature session? Well, what’s to stop our pro-gun legislators from doing what the NRA was recently able to persuade Georgia Republicans to pass; namely allowing guns in churches, bars, libraries, sports grounds and youth centers. Also, gun owners who “claim” they have a permit are allowed to escape penalty if they’re found with a gun at security checkpoints in an airport. Wow, it sounds like the NRA was urging on these legislators like a drug pusher offering cocaine in the form of an “A” NRA rating, which the Georgia governor received. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this stuff sound a bit extreme? And, does Indiana really need a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to hunt and fish? Well, according to the NRA, by declaring and enshrining this as a constitutional right, it will protect it from attacks by well-funded, anti-hunting extremists. So, the NRA (which apparently considers itself a “moderate” organization) is scared that there might be some “extremists” out there who would want to ban hunting and fishing (or possibly question allowing guns in libraries and school parking lots). So, this is where we stand in year 4 of total Republican dominance of Indiana. Are there any other voices out there that question some of this pro-gun “anything goes” attitude? Well yes, recently I heard a Democratic candidate for the State legislature seat now held by Republican Jerry Torr speak out against the newly-enacted law allowing guns in school parking lots. His name is David Russ, and if you also are not in agreement with this NRA agenda, please vote for Russ this fall.

Jim Blessing, 46033