Letter: Towne Meadow’s mascot is the coyote. You can’t kill that.



This is a letter in response to “Are Carmel’s coyotes cause for concern?” written by Adam Aasen in the Feb. 25 Current in Carmel newspaper. As a fifth-grader in Mrs. Kuhn’s 4/5 Gifted and Talented class at Towne Meadow Elementary School, I have been taught to take a stand on many issues like this. I believe that the coyotes should be taken to an area where they can roam free without harming anyone. These wild animals are also living creatures, so they deserve a habitat. Even though my cat is an indoor animal, I worry about pets that are outdoor animals. This issue is much like colonial times: the colonists (humans and pets) came into the natives’ (coyotes) land. Because of that, the natives attacked. As the article states, Carmel is pondering if officials should do something or just tell people to keep pets on a leash. If the coyotes are moved by professionals to a safer place, I predict that the number of attacks will decrease because there will be fewer coyotes wandering into neighborhoods for food. By the way, the mascot of Towne Meadow Elementary School is the coyote!

Mackenzie M., 46032