Letter: Coyotes deserve to live in Carmel, too



When living in Carmel for a few years, you have probably seen a coyote wandering through the streets looking for food. After reading the article “Are Carmel’s coyotes cause for concern?” I believe that harming coyotes is an erroneous thing to do and hiring trappers will not solve the predicament. After looking at both sides of the situation, I realized that coyotes could relate to Native Americans and colonists. We resemble the colonists who kept pushing the Native Americans, resembling the coyotes, off their land. In my opinion, pet owners are jumping to conclusions; they do not realize the consequences of overpopulation and several changes in the food chain when coyotes are no longer living in Carmel. As Judith Campbell said, “Everybody is saying there is a ‘coyote problem.’” Coyotes deserve to live in Carmel and some solutions are to keep pets indoors, keep edible garbage indoors and not allow pets to roam freely. I hope you will consider that coyotes are an important part of Carmel and harming them in any way will lead to worse situations.

Sowmya C., 46032