Kolache Factory rolls into Carmel

Kolaches are dough stuffed with fruit or meat. (Submitted photo)

Kolaches are dough stuffed with fruit or meat. (Submitted photo)

By Chris Bavender

You might not have heard of a kolache, but one bite and you’re sure to be hooked on the soft pillows of pastry stuffed with anything from meat and cheese to fruit.

And Cheryl and Scott Early are bringing the taste sensation to Carmel. The Kolache Factory store on 116th Street and Guilford road will open Feb. 12.

“I have enjoyed Kolaches for at least six years at the Fishers location. It used to be the place I would stop on my way into Castleton in the mornings,” Cheryl said. “One day I heard about a franchise opportunity, and it seemed to be a good time.”

“I am also hoping to do more customer relationship interaction,” she said. “One of the things we do is take the product to 5K runs and other marketing opportunities and have a presence.”

So, what exactly is a kolache?

“It’s dough stuffed with sweet or savory items – like a handheld sandwich, but fully covered,” Cheryl said. “Inside ranges from say eggs and cheese and bacon or jalapeno cheese or the sweet ones that are fruit-filled but with an open top that look like a Danish. We also have stuffed croissants. They are basically a bakery item that are a breakfast or lunch item on the go.”

For Cheryl, the shop will be like having a piece of home.

“My mom is Polish, so I had them growing up – but those were sweet rolls with nuts or apricots so I was expecting that this is more of a variant on that,” she said. “They are just interesting and great to have on the go.”

The Kolache Factory was founded in 1982 in Houston, Texas. The Carmel store will be the company’s 25th location, with 10 more set to open in the next several months across the country.

The Carmel location will boast 2,000 square feet and will be open 364 days a year, closed only on Christmas.

In addition to the 30-40 different varieties of kolache’s, the shop will have cinnamon rolls, strudels and sticky buns. And, unlike the Fishers location, it will boast a full service espresso service.