Carmel Chamber voices support for proposed gas station


In a memorandum released last week, the Carmel Chamber’s Business Issues Committee and Board of Directors, including Chamber President Mo Merhoff, voiced support for a requested rezone and proposed Ricker’s gas station at 146th Street and Gray Road.

“Businesses providing safe, legal services, who are willing to incur the expense of high-quality design and the creation of a preservation to provide substantial residential buffer space, should be actively recruited and supported in Carmel,” according to the memorandum. “The Carmel Chamber urges your support for this project.”

The memorandum also says the rezone “makes good business sense” and “the addition of strong businesses providing needed services to Carmel should be encouraged.”

The Chamber’s memorandum also cites the low acreage of the development, the distance from nearby residences, the amount of environmental elements in place to ensure leakage protection and an estimated $2- to $2.5-million fiscal benefit for the community as further reasons for its support.


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