In agreement with Abbett



I would like to applaud Carol Ann Abbett for her letter Saving Thanksgiving in your Nov. 20 edition. I agree wholeheartedly that retailers and big box stores are encroaching on our Thanksgiving holiday by starting Black Friday on Thursday rather than Friday. I would like to add a further observation which should give us all pause. Not only are we losing our Thanksgiving holiday, we’re starting to lose Christmas. The last few years the same retailers who offered ever-earlier Black Friday deals are now playing Scrooge by starting their after-Christmas sales on Christmas Day. We as consumers must refuse to participate in this crass show of greed or we will find our holidays permanently usurped. Thanksgiving and Christmas are legal holidays. Yes, some people will have to work those holidays – medical professionals, firefighters, police officers, etc., – for which we are all grateful. However, there is no urgency about buying products on sale, so I agree with Abbett’s ideas to put a stop to this nonsense. Refuse to shop those days, contact your legislature or Congressman, put out the word on social media, and most of all, express your outrage to the retailers themselves.

Pamela Jackson


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