Wrong about Obama and GOP



Your Backshop comments (Current, 11.13.12) about the election and President Obama couldn’t be further from the truth. If you guys can’t see an improvement in the last four years, I’d like to know what cave that you have been living in! The Republican Party has been taken over by theocratic, anti-science, racist, sexist, anti-environment, war mongers whose anti-intellectual ideas are more suited for a middle-Eastern country than our proud nation, which stands for liberty and justice for all. I wish you would inform our residents instead of poisoning them with your toxic waste. Wake up and realize that gone are the days of old greedy white men running the ship. The Party of No needs to get with the program; its anti-government stance is not helping the country. The last election proved that people want real liberty, not the Republican Party’s lip service and divisive tactics.

John Collier