No room for negativity


Commentary By Sue Finkam


That’s a good description for how I believe many in this community feel. Deflated seeing yet one more negative headline. Deflated seeing some leaders make choices that put self over service.

But don’t. Don’t let go of the pride you feel in this community just because a vocal minority consistently says negative things to get caustic headlines.

This community rises above others in many areas because of the incredible people who live here. It’s home to highly educated and successful individuals, and we excel because we consistently reach for high goals – in business, in education, in philanthropy and in service to others.

Some of us moved here because of the amazing educational opportunities offered to our kids through Carmel Clay Schools.

Some of us volunteer here in sports, scouting, service clubs and churches to ensure kids continue to have lessons that extend beyond the classroom.

Some of us were recruited here for work opportunities that chose Carmel as home in order to get access to bright, dedicated employees.

Some of us grew up here and have watched this community with strong ties evolve into a community that offers people choices in religion, housing and cultural opportunities.

No matter how we found our way here, all of us have one thing in common: We love our community and want to see it prosper.

Now is the time to say “no more” to those who choose to defile the image of our community for the sake of politics. We need leaders who look forward, not back. We need leaders who are outcomes-focused not headlines-focused. And we need leaders who put their community, not themselves, first.

Negativity will only take us so far. Carmel will continue to progress. We will continue to lead. Be proud. Be elated.