146th Street, what happened to you?

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  • garylm

    Yea… I don’t see them adding round-abouts at this point, bit too late for that isn’t it?

  • Michael Kobrowski

    If they were able to add roundabouts to Keystone, it would be easy to do at 146th street. Let do it!

    • garylm

      Considering they just built that entire interchange system I doubt they are going to add round-abouts now…

  • steffej3

    There is still some significant right of way along much of the route, but I have no idea if it’s usable, I’m not an engineer. Perhaps there is enough room for separated express lanes with far fewer stops? I really hope this editorial can pick up some steam with Hamilton County residents. What has happened to 146th street is both sad & laughable.

    I’m sure it’s absurdly expensive to make 146th Street limited access, but we can dream. We should also speak up about it, or it has zero chance at getting better!

    I do believe I read that future 146th Street West expansions are implementing roundabouts to move traffic towards I-65 in Boone Co. At some point there has to be a viable East West route between I-69 & I-65 for commuters, and I don’t mean by going North to 32/38.

    Great editorial, Andrew. Thank you for calling attention to this.

  • Runnincreek

    Love this post and second the motion. So true…Oh so true!

  • 146th st commuter

    Must have been an elementary school drop-out that designed the median on the bridge over 31 that juts out into the line of traffic and plugs up the remaining lanes during traffic. Why design such a money pit that can’t exit off 146 onto 31North or Keystone Blvd. Duh!