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Hamilton County revises warning sirens protocol

Hamilton County Emergency Management has adopted a revised policy concerning use of outdoor emergency sirens to notify Hamilton County residents of severe weather. Effective August 1, outdoor sirens in Hamilton County will be activated under...

The TOPS Club of Carmel meets once a week at an area church. (Photo by Gary Boskovich)

Group offers weight-loss help

By Gary Boskovich Obesity in the United States is running rampant. Depending on who’s conducting the research, Indiana ranks anywhere from the eighth to the twelfth most-obese state nationally. Being overweight is a known...

Pothole seen from direction of travel - note less water in there now

Carmel City Council recap

Compiled by Adam Aasen What Happened: The Carmel City Council passed its new noise ordinance. What it Means: For months, this ordinance has sat in committee, but the council finally hammered out the details....


Calls for 4CDC transparency won’t go away

By Adam Aasen For months, political activists have been calling for records to be released by a local nonprofit with close ties to city government. And now that some financial details have been released,...

15-year-old Blake Gipson enjoys Camp Riley. (Submitted photo)

Camp Riley: Special needs answered

By Chris Bavender Camp is always a great way to meet new friends, try new adventures and come home with a lifetime of memories. And, for kids who attend Camp Riley – it’s no...

Ben Gormley rises to the top of scouting ranks.
(Submitted photo)

Boy Scout Supernova

By Terri Spilman Recent Carmel High School graduate Ben Gormley just completed the monumental task of earning the Boy Scouts of America Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award, becoming the first Boy Scout in his...